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My first 24 hours with LG - Nexus 5x

This the first post of My First 24 hours blog series I am starting. 
This my sincere effort to offer readers something different than technical specifications on a device. 
My focus in the blog will be on User Experience.
“Coming from a technology world I know that, we geeks sometimes are so immersed in our own world that we hardly notice how people around us using technology.”

Mobile phone: Usability Factors

  • Size & weight
  • Battery charge & cables
  • Default Camera Tools
  • Auto Backup to cloud
  • Apps
  • Personalisation 

Nexus 5x:

My First feeling:

The first look is very elegant and comes in a simple but attractive packaging.

I was introduced Android world not as before that I was a loyal Apple iPhone user.  My initial days on Android was love and hate relationship as it was the phone provided by the company so had no choice but to accept. I was lucky to start my Android journey on Nexus 4. The phone hardware was far more superior than what was available in the market. Nexus 4 had a wireless charging while Apple is still not considering it as a feature.

We all know charging our mobiles is a necessary evil and if our manufacturer can reduce this pain then it is automatically a positive experience. The phone companies busy in increasing the life of a battery but not enough innovation has been developing user-friendly charging options.

Mobile Charging ( A Necessary Evil):

  • Different connectors
  • Different power supply
  • Length of the cables
  • Last but not least - Adding proprietary chipset.  (Thanks Apple)

Nexus 4 was manufactured by LG, with standard vanilla Android made my android journey lot smoother. I was offered Samsung S4 at the same time to test the usability I should confess even though the device was effective with a lot of modern technology probably was rated among the best by a lot of technical reviews hardly anyone talked about usability tests.


Design: Phone is elegantly and looks good in hands, though, I am not a big fan of turquoise colour. So I kept myself as my favourite. The size of the phone vs the weight surprises me all the time. How come LG managed to keep it so light. The finger scanner is well placed, excellent camera and pricing cannot be compared with other handsets.

USB C charging is quicker and faster. Though a change of charging port was annoying initially, but that's human element. The 5X uses the same with the same Snapdragon 808 processor with a 64-bit hexacore CPU that's a combined 1.44GHz quad-core chip and 1.82 GHz dual-core chip. A matching Adreno 418 GPU is also integrated into this processor.
I was pleased with the performance and fact it could fit in one hand. I call it ONE HAND phones.
The fingerprint sensor far accurate than the


The camera sensor here is 12.3MP, a lower number than its top-performing Android rivals. But the Nexus 5X is able to to use that extra light for superior low-light images. The images are quality and I do not expect a DSLR output from my phone. My rating camera 4.5.

The consumer today look for the high-end camera but in my research,  the response from most users for keeping camera specification on the top was  not the photography but a satisfaction of owning a the best.


The backup services on vanilla android is best to none. The seamless integration of Google Apps. The new applications released by Google to ensure the end user get a seamless transition to next device by keeping stock application set. So even when I test Samsung device my first job is to ensure Google Now and the look to be restored as vanilla android, it is simpler and easy to use.

Making complex things is the simplest job but to achieve simnplicity is the most complex thing to do.


I do not need to mention the variety of apps on Play store. I am waiting for play store to merge into Chrome store and then it will be a complete change in chrome os world with the sudden influx of millions of apps. The challenge for Google will be to ensure the security for which Chrome OS is known is not compromised.


This is one area where all of the OEM are still trying to catch-up but the leader is Motorola. The moto maker concept gives the end user opportunity to have the phone designed for himself. I am surprised the big names in this area are still not focusing on this opportunity. Google started personalisation of covers, I will wait when they will offer the complete handset can ve personalised by the end user. 

I am also pleased while publishing this article, as a partner we are now supporting Android for Work. Any Google Apps for Work customer can move to Android device and as part of his Google Apps license they can manage the android mobile device without additional cost. This gives data security for any organisations data by MDM ( Mobile device management)  on BYOD devices.

Nexus 2016 talk is in the air lets see what flavour we get in Android next time.

Phone Hardware Courtesy LG Electronics  &  Google Australia


  1. Good read... interested as ive been making alot of progress with did google apps latley. Disapointed with the camera pixel though...

  2. Good read... interested as ive been making alot of progress with did google apps latley. Disapointed with the camera pixel though...

  3. Vittorio
    Camera pixel for the type of pics we take from our phone it does the job. It is interesting when I hear about the pixels as Nokia releases camera on the with 30 odd pixels, state of art device but did not well received by public.I can pass on the feedback to android team and sure new one is not far away


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